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A new business model for a better value

  • From Product Focus to Customer Focus

  • Reccurent Revenue

    Increase customer loyalty. Enjoy long lasting customer relashionship. Leverage foward looking income statement ( ARR, MRR). Increase margin with accurate procurement forecast.

  • Do not leave money on the table

    Enrich subscription offers with USAGE BASED SERVICES. Allow users willing to pay for additionnal services. Enable dynamic princing adjustement.

  • Increase Value : Monetize service not product

    Get money for value.

  • Usage based services enlarge your total addressable market

    Move away from 'one size fit all' flat fee subscription offering. Enlarge your offering with freemium to premium progressive rate.

Go Subcription with Blooming Stream
a Native Salesforce Solution

Marketing Factory

Agile Product Development Product Marketing teams can build quickly Product Plans from Fremium to Premium and iterate. Define Services & Goods, Bundles, Usages, Price Books, different types of Rules for Product Plans, Pricing and Provisionning.

Quotes & Contracts

Blooming Stream generate Quotes & Contracts relying on Product Plans defined in the Product Factory. Final customers or Sales Persons can Search for the right Plans & Pricing, View the generated Quotes, Estimate usages in an error free mode. Once the Quote is accepted, the Contract is automatically Generated & Installed.

Provisionning & Entitlement

Blooming Stream Automate the Provisionning for the Services & Goods defined in the Product Plan. Automate service activation for an integrated business delivery. Automating service Entitlement is the other part of the equation for an Agile business.


Mediation is a key feature for Valuation of Usages and for Pre-Paid services.


    Blooming Stream handle for Billing, One time, Recurring, Usage fees and Prepaid tokens. Blooming Stream is integarted with Zuora & Sage Live billing systems. The end to end integration of Subscription processes enable your business to Scale in an error free mode and a reduced DSO.

    Business Reporting

    Customized live reporting helps you to grow your business. Per Market segment for Marketing. Per geography or vertical for Sales. Per product or accounting item for Finance.


    Blooming Stream is integrated with Salesforce for CRM, Zuora & Sage Live for Billing & Accounting.

    Blooming Stream

    a Better Value for your Subscription Business

    • N times Cheaper than DIY

    • Enable Product Innovation Agility

    • Ready, Automated, Up & Down Stream processes to Billing

      Coupled with Zuora & Sage Live

    • N times Faster than DIY

      Get Revenue much Earlier

    • Reduced Risk

      Benefit from all the functions immediatly in an OPEX mode

    Blooming Stream

    for a Better End to End Subscription Experience

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    Blooming Stream

    meet the Team

    André Cadoum 


    André Cadoum has played for more than 25 years consulting & operational roles for different international groups and Software companies in France, UK & USA,.

    Implemented Software products & services, Business and IS Architectures for International groups.
    André Cadoum, leaded from the US a global development of  Software Component Practice for insurance and banking verticals.

    In 2001, André created Bizfocus Solutions an independant  Consulting firm based in Paris.

    Graduated from the Engineering School « Telecom Paris », André Cadoum started his career in 1988 at AXA .


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    Daniel Bessières 

    Co-Founder, Strategy & Operations



    Daniel Bessières is a recognized Entrperneur with Sales and Management track record in France and Europe.

    Graduated from HEC Paris with an Executive MBA, Daniel has over 20 years of experience in the high tech industry acquired in large corporations and Start Ups.

    Daniel fulfilled different senior positions in companies like ZTE, Alcatel, Allied Telesyn, CIENA, NewbridgeNetworks, AMDHAL and HITACHI Data Systems.


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    Blooming Stream

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